Save Money By Using A Salvage Yard

Whether you call it a salvage yard, a junkyard, a scrapyard or a wrecking yard, it could very well be worth your time to swing by one the next time you need an auto part.

Auto salvage yards are quite simply a graveyard for cars.  It's like the owner signed the organ donor sheet when he sold the car to the auto salvage yard.  The cars could have reached the scrapyard because of a serious accident or a major mechanical breakdown.  However, just because part of the car is ruined doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of functional parts still intact.

Here are some examples of the money that can be saved by shopping at a junkyard (per a basic search on the web):

  • An alternator for a 2010 popular domestic sedan from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)- average price $340.00

  • The same alternator made by an aftermarket manufacturer- average price $125.00

  • The same alternator salvaged from the same year and model at a scrapyard- average price $45.00

  • An intake manifold for a 2004 popular import sedan from the OEM- average price $325.00

  • The same intake manifold made by an aftermarket manufacturer- $175.00

  • The same intake manifold salvaged from the same year and model at a scrapyard- $75.00

    Most salvage yards charge a fee for removing and warehousing the part that you are looking for. You can save even more by going to the scrapyard and removing the needed parts from the salvaged vehicle yourself.

    You may be thinking "So I can save money by using a junkyard.  But, what if the part doesn't work?"  The easy answer to that question is to simply ask.  Many used parts dealers will offer a limited time warranty for parts you purchase.  If the part doesn't work, just take it back to the auto salvage yard and exchange it for a different part.  If they don't have the part and can't find one (salvage yards typically cooperate with one another to find parts for customers), they will usually offer a full refund.

    If you're seeking parts for a car that is no longer being made, scrapyards can be especially valuable.  Parts for discontinued models are almost impossible to find from retailers.  Junkyards can be especially helpful if your model is one that was popular before production was ceased.

The next time you need a car part, put the stereotypical media portrayal of auto salvage yards aside.  The crusty, gruff old hermit running them and their ferocious junkyard dogs are a figment of some screen writer's imagination.  Give them a chance and an auto salvage yard can provide the part you need without cleaning out your rainy day fund. Contact a company like Dean's Auto Repair Inc for more information.