How To Get Four New Tires For Less Than You Expected

Putting new tires on your car shouldn't be a surprise expense, especially if you're attentive to the state of your car, but if it does sneak up on you the price tag may be more than you're ready for. Thankfully, there are a few ways to save yourself some money without having to compromise on the quality of the work you pay for. If you're a very savvy shopper you can even end up getting a better value out of the deal without paying any more for the privilege.

Used Tire Stores

It seems contradictory, but used tire dealers often get the excess stock from other stores at a discount because businesses shut down or needed to make room for a new shipment. Some do very brisk business with very low overhead, and can offer a remarkably low price for unused merchandise as a result. They can even be a good fall back in the event that you can't find a price you can afford on short notice, such as following a puncture or a blow out.

If you've got time to shop around, get a written quote from them on their new tire sets and hold onto it. This can come in handy later, and ensure you'll be able to get the same price from them if you settle decide to do make the purchase. It will also give you a baseline for comparison as you call around to other businesses.

Price Match Promotions

Many tire stores and automotive repair make a business of out-doing their competitors. Once you've found the best price in town you can often end up with an even better value out of the deal by taking a written quote to dealers offering to match prices. This is the other reason to hold onto a written quote for new tires from a used tire dealer, since their price will often be considerably lower than anyone else nearby.

In order to make a repeat customer out of you, price-match promotions often include extra services or add-ons, such as free rotations or nitrogen in place of simple compressed air. You'll end up with the same tires your written quote describes, and you'll pay the same price for those tires, but you'll also come away with a lot more for your money. Watch local newspapers and promotional circulars in your mailbox to find out what dealerships are offering these deals.

Avoid surprises by keeping your tires filled to the manufacturer's specifications, and checking your tire tread depth periodically. Not only will this let you know when it's time to put new tires on, but you'll avoid creating hazardous driving conditions by replacing your tires before they go bald.

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