Why Smog Inspections Are Required And What Can Happen If You Don't Get A Pass Certificate

Smog inspections on cars and trucks are required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) in most states. States that experience higher levels of smog pollution (e.g., California and New York) have steeper penalties if you do not comply with smog inspection regulations. If you are wondering why you need a smog inspection on your vehicle, or even if your vehicle needs an inspection at all, the following information will help. In addition to this information, examples of what can happen if you do not get an inspection pass certificate are included.

Older Cars Produce More Air Pollution

The older the car, the more likely it will produce more air pollution. As cars age and the engines get dirtier, the mufflers do not filter out as much of the dirt as it exits the exhaust pipe. The air filters become dirtier faster, thus producing more loose particle pollutants that exit the vehicle out of the tailpipe. This kind of air pollution is produced by all of the cars on the road. Then smog covers your area and creates numerous pulmonary issues. If you have a car that is older than six years, it has to have a smog inspection to determine whether the amount of pollutants is at a safe level. If your car does not pass the smog inspection, you may need to have a mechanic perform some repairs and/or upgrades to your vehicle before it can be street-legal.

What Can Happen If You Do Not Get a Smog Inspection and a Pass Certificate

The penalties vary by state and by the level of smog that exists in each state. Some states do not strictly enforce smog inspections for older vehicles, nor do they require emissions testing when you sell or transfer an older vehicle to someone else. Other states are much more strict about emissions testing and smog inspections; you will need to provide your smog inspection and emissions testing pass certificate(s) when you register your older vehicle. You may also need to provide your pass certificate(s) when you apply for automotive insurance in states where these regulations are more strictly enforced.

If you do not have your pass certificate(s), you may be facing fines for a recognized traffic violation. Usually you will get a warning with the first offense, but the officer may require you to appear at the police station with your pass certificate within a couple weeks of your first offense. Otherwise, the warning could automatically turn into a fine, or the next time you are pulled over and an officer wants to see the certificate (that you do not have!), you could receive a ticket with a fine and/or an increased fine for ignoring the previous requests to get your car inspected and tested.

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