5 Reasons To Look For A Car With High Aluminum Content

Car manufacturers are using more and more aluminum in their vehicles. In fact, aluminum is currently second only to steel as a component in building automobiles. Although manufacturers have been using some aluminum parts for the last 40 years, they have recently increased the amount they put into their products, which benefits both vehicle owners and the environment. When you purchase your next car, look for one with a high aluminum content. Below are some benefits of aluminum in cars:

  1. Fuel Efficiency. Aluminum weighs less than steel, so vehicles containing more of it have better fuel efficiency. Currently, 110–145 kg of aluminum is used in each vehicle, saving more than 184 gallons of gas over the lifetime of a car or truck. 
  2. Safety. Although it weighs less, aluminum can be safer than steel. It is able to absorb double the crash energy that mild steel can. Your vehicle will be lighter, easier to handle, and safer at the same time.
  3. Performance. Manufacturers of high-performance vehicles are choosing aluminum because it makes their models easier to handle. These vehicles can stop more quickly than heavier vehicles. They also offer faster acceleration while maintaining more stability. 
  4. Durability. Aluminum offers so much durability that the armed forces are using it in their vehicles. The military chose aluminum for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the HMMWV, and the HEMTT because it resists rust and reduces the weight of the vehicles. It also stands up to the roughest terrain in the world. 
  5. Repairs. When you buy a car with a large number of aluminum parts, you do need to be careful about repairs. When necessary, you should take the vehicle to your dealer or to a body shop where the employees have been trained to work with aluminum. Although some body shop owners say that aluminum is more expensive to repair, experts believe that should not be the case. They state that aluminum is not more difficult to repair, but it does require a different approach and special training. Shops need to begin adapting to this type of work because the aluminum content in vehicles is on the rise.

When you are shopping for your next vehicle, look for one with a high level of aluminum. You will be getting a safe, durable, and energy-efficient ride that is easier to handle than one with higher steel content. Aluminum makes more sense than steel for both manufacturers and consumers, so jump on the aluminum bandwagon. It will be a fast, smooth ride. If you need the aluminum in your car repaired, visit a shop like Exoticar Paintworks Inc.