Getting Ready For The Open Road - Preparations For A Long Duration Tow

Whether you're heading out on a long trip or getting ready to move across the country, towing a vehicle for a long period of time can be a challenge. While your towing service is up to the job and can handle it with ease and professionalism, it's also important that you do your part in making sure you're ready for the trip.

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to prepare your vehicle for such a long journey. Following these suggestions will help your car arrive safely, and will also make sure that it's in the best possible working condition and ready to hit the road as soon as it's unloaded.

Make Sure To Run the Engine

When your vehicle sits for an extended period of time without being used, it can be sluggish to return to an operational state. Your battery may lose its charge if it isn't forced to supply regular power, causing your car to be unable to start. You may also run the risk of losing fuel through either evaporation or a slow leak.

Be sure to talk to your towing company about your concerns and schedule regular period for your car's engine to be run. Making a regular start-up a priority will take a great deal of strain off the vehicle in the towing process, and can help guarantee that it continues to run as desired.

Inflate the Tires Properly

Any long distance trip will take its toll on your vehicle's tires, and being towed is no exception. Even a vehicle which is secured to a flatbed is still absorbing some of the shock from the road, and your tires are your first line of defense in handling those common concerns.

Before the vehicle is loaded up, make sure each tire is inflated to factory specifications and verify that they're all free of leaks and holes. Changing a tire can be difficult under optimal circumstances, and a vehicle that's being towed is often far from those.

Clean the Interior

While it may seem like a waste of effort to work to clean your car before a period where you certainly won't be driving it, making that extra effort will help guarantee that the interior is protected from any dust, dirt, or other contaminants which could grow powerful in stagnant air. A clean car is also a more fun car, and being able to enjoy your vehicle as soon as it's unloaded can make your trip a great deal more satisfying.