Creating a Successful Environmentally Friendly Car Rental Business

Car rental businesses that are located near airports and destination vacations can be a major money maker. If you want to create a business that is successful and environmentally friendly, a car rental business also offers you a number of options. Here are some steps to starting out a rental car business that will attract customers of all types.

Look for a diverse fleet

Many rental car companies purchase new vehicles, then sell the old fleet once the mileage is high. If you can afford to do so, striking up a deal with a local dealership or a car manufacturer for many cars is an option that will net you more for less.  If you are starting a new business with limited funds, it is a good idea to look for certified pre-owned or used vehicles with low mileage. As an environmentally-friendly car rental agency, you will need to be mindful to only purchase cars that are hybrids, electric, and tiny cars with low gas mileage. Be sure that each car in your fleet known on the market as green or is gas friendly and low on emissions. Make sure your cars are from different makers and you have small cars, SUVs, and everything between.

Be sure that your business is environmentally friendly

Along with your rental car fleet, your business itself should be environmentally friendly. Be sure to install solar lighting, or lights that use low electricity. Instead of using paper for printouts and files, offer your receipts and information aside from insurance in electronic form.  A business that is green will appear attractive to consumers who are even slightly environmentally conscious. Using electronic filing systems and less paper, electricity, and other forms of energy will also reduce your monthly overhead.

Offer rental additions

One of the best ways to increase your rental fleet income is to rent additional accessories to consumers who may need them. GPS devises and solar powered car chargers will have a low upfront investment and will be an automatic money maker if you rent them out to consumers. Eco-friendly car seats should also be made available to families who live green but don't typically drive.

Invest upgrades in further green services

On your car lot, you can install an environmentally car wash to use prior to loaning out your fleet, and to attract weekly, local car wash customers who are eco-friendly. If you plan to upgrade your fleet, instead of selling your old cars to a dealer, host a sale for those interested in lower cost options for green vehicles. Hosting the sale on your car lot will net you more money, as private party car sales often result in higher income than dealer trade-ins. Along with getting money for your old fleet, you will also help the community invest in eco-friendly fleet of cars to aid in lower negative impact to the environment.