Learn How To Restore Your Car's Paint Job If It Has Faded

If you don't park your car inside of a garage or underneath a carport, parts of the paint job may fade after being exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays for long lengths of time. Learn how to reverse the signs of damage and restore your car back to its previous condition.

Use The Following Materials

  • sponge
  • automotive detergent
  • water hose
  • microfiber cloths
  • paint cleaner
  • car polish (that matches the color of your car)
  • buffing pad
  • car wax

Wash Your Car And Apply Paint Cleaner

Wash your car with automotive detergent and a sponge. Rinse the surface off well with a water hose that is adjusted to a setting that provides steady water pressure. Apply paint cleaner to the car's surface with a microfiber cloth. Move the cloth around in circular motions. Paint cleaner will remove any grease or surface contaminants that are still on the car's surface. Rinse the car off and dry it thoroughly with another cloth.

Apply Polish And Wax

Apply a small amount of car polish that matches the color of your car to a buffing pad. Press down firmly on the pad as you wipe the polish onto your car's surface. Work in small sections as you apply it. Add more polish to the pad as needed. After the polish appears hazy in appearance, wipe it off with a lint free cloth. The polish will restore the color of the paint so that it looks the way it did before the sun caused damage.

Apply car wax to a buffing pad and apply it to your car's surface in the same manner. Move the pad around in circular motions and, again, remove it from the car with a lint free cloth as soon as it turns hazy in appearance. The wax will add shine to the paint job on your car. 

Maintain Your Car's Body

After your car is restored back to its original condition, you can prevent the paint from fading in the future by parking your car in a garage or underneath a carport. Rinse your car off after driving on salt treated roads. Add polish and wax to your car several times each year to keep the paint protected and give your car's body a shiny appearance. Add polish and wax to your car if the paint begins to appear dull again, as well. These simple steps will prevent permanent damage and will help your car look great for years to come. Contact a company like Select Collision Centers Inc for more information.