3 Unique Ways To Give To Remove Gunk From Your Car And Give It A Clean Look

Most car owners understand that it's important to keep their vehicle clean in order to prolong the life of the car's body and paint job. Fail to take proper care of your car's exterior, and you will likely have to head to an auto body repair shop like Collision One to get your auto body restored. But taking proper care of your car is easier said then done, and it's not uncommon for people to go months without getting their vehicle to the car wash. If you want to get creative, there may be some products that you currently have in your house that can help give your car's body or windows a quick cleaning if you don't have the time to get to a car wash.

Dump Soda on Your Windshield

Hold on, don't click off of this article yet, this sounds crazy but it really does work. If your windshield has turned into a dirty mess with streaks all over it, you may be able to clean most of the mess up without having to give it a hard scrubbing. Take a can of regular cola and pour it slowly and evenly over the glass. Hold a hand towel near the bottom of your windshield so that it catches the soda before it gets to the hood of your car. The carbonation in the cola will bubble and fizz most of that gunk away, you won't even have to scrub. Make sure you also take a bottle of water to dump on afterwards so that the cola residue doesn't create a new problem.

Wash Your Car Like You Wash Your Hair

Want a quick and easy wax job for your car's body without having to put much effort into it? Wash your car with regular hair conditioner like the bottle you probably already have in your shower. This will give your car a shiny look, just like if you had gone for a wax job. More importantly, the conditioner will also protect your car. Raindrops won't leave streaks on your vehicle, as most should be repelled.

Baking Soda to the Rescue

If you want to wash your car at home but don't have any kind of soap that you feel is appropriate, you may find some help in your kitchen pantry. Take a quarter cup of baking soda and a quarter cup of dishwashing liquid and put both into an empty gallon jug. Fill the jug the rest of the way with water and shake well. Keep this on hand; when you are ready for a car wash, pour out one cup of this mix into a pail with warm water. You just created a pretty heavy duty cleaning solution that will get even the dirtiest car sparkling clean.

If your vehicle is overrun with dirt and grime, you should wash it as soon as possible before permanent damage is done to your paint job. It may sound strange, but that can of soda pop, bottle of hair conditioner and box of baking soda are 3 easy to find home products that can help you keep your car clean without much hassle. It's still generally a good idea though to get your car to a real car wash every once in a while or to the local auto repair shop for their professional detailing service.