How To Install Mud Flaps On A Pick-Up Truck

Winter driving can be harsh on the wheel wells on your pick-up truck. As you drive, the tires kicks up stones, pieces of asphalt, and rock salt that can damage the protective coating on the wheel wells that helps to keep the truck from developing rust problems. Eventually, the coating will deteriorate and the wells, fenders, and rear panels will begin to rust away. One method you can use to protect your pick-up against this type of rusting is to install mud flaps in the wheel wells. The mud flaps will block the debris from damaging the protective coating and the metal on your truck. Here is how you can install mud flaps inside the front wheel wells your pick-up truck.

You Will Need

  • Mud Flaps 
  • Socket Set
  • Small Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Two 1" Stainless Steel Bolts

Purchasing Mud Flaps

Some manufacturers make mud flaps that are attached using the screws and clips that are already in your wheel wells to hold the fender and splash guard into place. Purchasing these types of mud flaps will allow you to install them without having to create new screw holes in the metal – which would create openings in the protective coating that could lead to rusting.

Remove Screws and Rivets

You will need to remove the screws that connect the fender to the body of the truck inside the wheel well with a 7/16" socket. You also need to remove the plastic clips that hold the splash guard in place. Remove the clips by sliding your small Flathead screw driver under the cap of the clip and lift the center portion of the rivet up. Remove the center portion with your fingers. You can then remove the outer portion of the rivet. Set the screws and rivets aside.

Install Mud Flap

Align the mud flap with the screw and rivet holes in the wheel well. Replace your hex head screws to hold the mud flap in place, but don't tighten the screws down just yet. Replace the clip in the hole closest to you by inserting the body of the rivet first and then pushing the center piece into the body to hold the rivet in place. Put one of the stainless steel bolts into the far rivet hole. You'll have to reach around the back of the mud flap to put the nut on the bolt. You can now tighten all the bolts and screws. You are now done. Talk to your local auto shop, such as Mid-Atlantic Muffler & Brake, for more information.