2 Reasons A Teenager's 'First Car' Should Be A Pickup Truck

When it comes to buying a teenager his or her first vehicle, it can be difficult to find that perfect match between form and function. However, while high-end Italian super cars aren't generally appropriate, barely-running jalopies will probably result in expensive, and frequent, repair bills, so most families tend to go with something that is used, but still in good condition. And while the choice between a car and a pickup truck is often a matter of preference, this article will attempt to illustrate why a pickup truck is the ideal 'first car' for young adults.


A teenager's first vehicle needs versatility first and foremost. This is important because it can be difficult to know where a young person's interests will lie in the next few years. For instance, your son might be a complete football fanatic the first two years of high school, which means a tiny little sedan is going to get trashed when its packed with 300lb linemen and shoulder pads. With a pickup truck, you can simply toss those things in the bed of the truck and help preserve the condition of the truck's interior.

Or if he's not into those types of organized sports and prefers something like bmx riding, a truck is ideal for hauling around a group of guys with their bikes. A car, on the other hand, might be able to lug around two or three bikes with a bike rack, but it can be a major inconvenience. Additionally, a group of teenagers loading and unloading their bikes near a car means a much greater chance of scratches and dings, not to mention when kids get the idea to try squeezing an extra bike into the back seat. However, with a pickup truck, you can simply drop the tailgate and load everything into the back.


A pickup truck is also a much more reliable vehicle in certain situations. When it comes to getting from point A to point B, a truck might not offer any distinct advantages, but it's the sudden thunderstorm or blizzard that can leave an unsuspecting motorist stranded. When mother nature is at its worst, it can be a comfort to know that your children are, at the very least, in a vehicle that can handle off-road terrain that might take smaller cars out of commission.

Additionally, trucks are simply more rugged and durable, an invaluable quality when it comes to the misguided ideas of youth. Whether its using their own vehicle to tow their friend's, or exploring some backcountry road, the outcome will always be better in a pickup truck.

Overall, pickup trucks from places like Auto Max provide a versatility and reliability that is simply unmatched in smaller cars.